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Dominic Stone
Dominic Stone
Geburtsdatum 15. November 1960
Geburtsort New Beises, Laurentiana
Staatsbürgerin Vereinigte Staaten von Astor
Partei Republikanische Partei
Familienstand Verheiratet mit Helen Stone
Kinder Thomas, Miriam, Dominic jr., Mia
Alma mater University of Savanna, Red Beach University
Beruf SciFi Author, Politiker


Dominic "Dom" Stone (* November 15th, 1960 in New Beises, Southern Territories) is a well known, us-astorian science fiction and TV author, former Vice President of the United States and the current republican Governor of his home state of Laurentiana. Dom is happily married to Helen (former Springer), has two daughters, Miriam and Mia, two sons, Thomas and Dominic jr., as well as a grandson, Wesley. Together with his brother Mortimer, he's a leading figure in the Republican Party of Laurentiana, the local branch of the Grand Old Party. Dominic has a strong interest in music, modern arts and is seen on the New Beises Country Club's golf court regularly.

Dom is a founding member of the City Management Association of Astor (CMAA) and therefore an outspoken advocate for the local governance of townships - notably the Council-Manager form of local administration - and independent government for native tribes. He was a member of the New Beises City Council and during this period one of the lead architects of today's City Charter.

During his time in national politics he was Party Secretary of the Republican National Committee and long time public opinion leader of the republican Congressional Caucus as Congressman and later Speaker of the House. Known as a strong supporter of former President Markusz Varga, Dom notably sided several times with Democratic politicians on topics in Laurentiana's General Court and had harsh disagreements with then-Senator A.D. Abzianidze, without falling into disgrace. Appreciated as a masterful political tactician by his own party and feared for it by the Democrats, his ability to form and hold political alliances not only within the GOP but to politicians all over the spectrum as well, was a powerful tool he successfully used to seek compromises and bring forth his own agendas.

After the end of the first Varga era and his own term as Vice President, Dom plead goodbye to the national political stage. Not long after, the Republican Party fell to pieces, many attributing this to his missing as a personal "glue" between members and leaving behind a gaping power vacuum within the party and conservative politicians themselves.

Memorable quotes

"... but not an utopic future for the few, the brave, rather an affordable, livable future for as many as possible. That's my agenda."
  -- Dominic Stone, "Build your House from STONEs" Congressional Campaign 9/2013
"It angers me and it hurts, to see this nation, these people divided like never before.
And it bothers me to leave Congress at this state of the nation -
But I know very well that I can do much good from where I'm heading."
  -- Dominic Stone, Speaker's farewell speech shortly before the Inauguration as 41st Vice President of the United States
"I enjoy getting things done. My philosophy is the edge, the edge of something.
There's where we have to go in local government, in not only the philosophy but the creativity in people around you. They have to go to the edge."
  -- Dominic Stone, Founding Conference of the City Management Association of Astor
"Sometimes we're hot-headed or stubborn people.
But at the end of the day, we're simple folks by heart. Hospitable, hard working, quick to forgive.
Proud of our families, our traditions, our ancestry."
  -- Dominic Stone, Laurentiana's Constitution Day Celebrations 2015



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  • Project Unicorn
  • Sleeping City / Weeping City
  • Warped Stories (Kurzgeschichten)
  • Moonmen
  • The day the electric sheep died
  • Beyond Science
  • The Redmond Theory
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