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Nikki on "In a Nutshell with Tom Wheatley" 2020

Nimrata "Nikki" Chandra (né Kohli; * 18th of October, 1987 in Hamilton, Freeland) is a probation officer and astorian politician from King's Hall, FL. She was the elected Senator of Freeland for the later term of 2017. In 2020 Nikki returned to the political stage as she could muster the most votes during the July 2020 House Elections.


Nikki is the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of King's Hall since early 2016 and a member of the Democratic National Committee. During her term in the Senate she was Deputy Chairwoman of the DNC and Leader of the Democratic Congressional Caucus (DCC). Nikki was the last Chairwoman of the Freeland State Assembly, co-signing the 2017 Constitution drafted by former President Adam Denton, which transformed the parliament into the now General Assembly of Freeland. During her only term in Congress she successfully drafted legislation for gun control, parental leave & maternal protection. She led major reforms in criminal sentencing, senatorial Advise & Consent and election rights. She also introduced the Constitutional Amendment that created today's District of the Capital.


Nikki is married to her husband Jyotiraditya "John" Chandra since 2008. She has two children: Her daughter Amybika "Amy" was born in 2009 and son Rohan was born in 2011.